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30 Easy Eco Friendly Tips From The Experts

Having had a zero waste shop for some time, I thought I knew a bit about eco friendly living. Woahhh was that a mistake! From Doctors to Lecturers there are some incredible people out there with some ingenious and truly creative ideas. This post has something for everyone, whether you are an expert in the field or you're just starting out and feel a little overwhelmed with all the information about zero waste.

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8 Reasons Why You Should Use A Zero Waste Shop

What is a Zero Waste shop? With the recent BBC documentary shining a light on the growing sea pollution problem, we have more people than ever are concerned about how they can help. Many people are turning to zero waste shops but what is one and can it really help?

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What Is PU Leather? Is it Vegan

What is Pu leather? - Is it a vegan leather? Can’t get a straight answer about this on the internet? Read on... PU leather or Bicast leather is not vegan-friendly. High-quality Leather usually uses the “top” layer of the hide, PU Leather or Bicast leather uses the inner splits of the hide. It is still derived from the hides of animals. PU leather is then usually finished with a polyurethane coating, which is why sometimes it is called artificial leather because of this plastic-like coating, however, make no mistake, it still comes from animal hides. Making it is about as vegan-friendly as “Genuine Leather.”   How to spot Pu leather? If you have a label handy, you would think it would...

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