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Imagine for a moment; a beautiful, blue, iridescent sea stretching out as far as the eyes can see, white sand beaches that warmingly reflect the suns heat, and palms trees, because what paradisiac like landscape doesn't have palms trees
Now imagine this all covered by millions of tons of filthy, non-recycled plastic waste.
For many, this is a reality
Or imagine an evergreen forest, stunning snow-capped mountains and enough wildlife for a lifetime and then... in a blink of an eye all gone. Decimated. Destroyed. Gone forever
Every second a thousand trees disappear due to deforestation. 
For millions it's a reality they wake up to every morning.
We lose anywhere from 3.5 to 7 billion trees to deforestation each year a number so big that our brains struggle to comprehend that number. Click your finger. In that second one thousand trees just got obliterated, do it again. There go another thousand trees. Keep repeating that every second, and you start to you start to get an idea
By 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish.
Every minute we waste a million plastic bottles many of which end up in our oceans,
in fact, the BBC recently reported that 50 percent of turtles have consumed plastic.
It's daunting, seemingly impossible to fix so what do we do?
A Chinese proverb says: "a man who removes a mountain starts by carrying a stone."
The point? Just get started. With something easy. With something proactive. With something pain-free. Baby steps eventually lead to running.
So what’s the cause of all this waste?
Our voracious appetite as consumers is for more and more, like a drug addict we just can’t get enough of new, shiny beautifully and heavily packaged items. But we never think about where all that plastic packaging is going or what it does to our planet...
How Can You Help?
Shopping has caused the problem,  so can shopping solve it? What if with every purchase we took away from the problem? What if every T-shirt took plastic bottles out of the ocean? What if every watch planted a tree? What would happen to our planet...
Easy baby steps that actually take away from the problem instead of adding to it. That is where we start...