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Recycled Leather Wallets  | Men's Vegan Wallets U.K
The Recycled Leather Wallet
The Recycled Leather Wallet
Recycled Leather Wallets  | Men's Vegan Wallets U.K

The Recycled Leather Wallet

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Quick View

Quick View

  • Recycled Leather
  • Handmade In The U.S
  • Keeps Leather out of Landfill sites
  • Ethical Alternative
  • Bifold Design
  • Multiple Internal Pockets

In Depth 

In Depth

The First Question... How Does It Work?

Leftover quality cuts, that are usually discarded are painstakingly hand stitched together

Why Buy Recycled?

Vegan leathers while far better for animal welfare often use alternatives that greatly impact the carbon footprint and Increase Plastic Production

Recycled leather Does not support the animal industry and keeps leather out of landfill sites.

So you get to use a painstakingly handmade leather product whilst helping the environment, giving you one a great product and a guilt-free conscience 

Are They Different Colours? 

Because it's made from recycled leather it is near impossible to get the same, manufactured consistent colours. However, we can promise it is close and we promise your wallet will be completely unique because of it.

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  • Sustainable


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