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#OceanPlastic Raglan
Recycled Ocean Plastic T-Shirt | Eco friendly clothing UK
#OceanPlastic Raglan
#OceanPlastic Raglan
#OceanPlastic Raglan
#OceanPlastic Raglan

#OceanPlastic Raglan

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Brought To You From A Kickstarter Campaign... 

● Recycled Organic Cotton

● Melange Navy & Blue

● Recycled Single Use Plastics

● Plastics Are Broken Down Into Soft  Polyester Fibres

● Soft And Comfortable 

● No Plastic Packaging

● Raglan T


In Depth

A T-shirt that takes plastic out the ocean & Raise's Awareness

Why Is it important?

The amount of plastic in the ocean is set to treble in the next decade. According to a recent BBC documentary, very soon there will be more plastic in the sea than fish.

A T-shirt Made from Recycled Plastic, How is that Possible? Was My First Question...

 Did you know that 91% off plastic is never recycled? It gets dumped in the sea or sometimes landfills sites where it takes thousands of years to biodegrade whilst seeping chemicals into nature.

However, some plastics can be recycled and broken down into polyester. Polyester does that sound familiar? It's in most of our clothes already, we take this polyester thread and spin it with recycled cotton. The result is higher quality, soft fabric that takes plastic out our oceans

If its so easy why doesn't everyone use this?

To be honest, we don't know. It could be the technology is relatively new or maybe we are only just realizing the extent of ocean pollution.

If nothing else, be a little more conscious of all the plastic you are using...

Is it soft & comfortable?

Probably the final question on your mind, if it's made of plastic how comfy can it be?

We only blend the fibers  with organic cotton so we are certain it is as comfortable as your favorite Tee. But how do we convince you across a screen without touching it? We have satisfaction or money back policy. Does that help? We thought it might.


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We recycle single-use plastics to prevent them ending up in the Ocean. What could be more sustainable than that? Oh and we also only use Organic cotton.


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